Salezone is Multi Store ECommerce application developed by Syrish Technology pvt ltd , running on web address . The goal of Salezone is provide seam less shopping experience to shoppers across the Globe .Currently the site is offering services to customer in India only.

Multi Store application means , Salezone is having its own master store where any seller can sell its merchandize and the seller can also have its own store which will be having only its own merchandise to get more attention of customers ,the subscription of both type of stores is having different ToC and shopper need to contact Styrish Technology Pvt Ltd for that


Styrish Technology pvt ltd also offers Individual APIs also as a part of ecommerce offering . for example , if any retailer is willing to have its own website and wants to consume readymade APIs like Product API, Order API, Inventory API etc ,they can go for that on reasonable prices . We provide really robust , easy to use and secure REST full APIs , which can be easily integrated to any platform and provide excellent service . Ready made APIs really reduce the development effort and also provide the option to you so you can buy only what you need . To know about T&C for purchasing APIs,you should contact Styrish Technology pvt ltd. Salezone is also running on these APIs